10 December 2014

Focused on functional items that she's not going to find elsewhere on the market, and that she'll use for years.

Big Scarf: this scarf is a customer favorite and technically unisex and looks great on men as on women. It is purposefully the largest scarf out there and she/he can wrap this around shoulders for decades and be warmest person out there. For people in cold climates this scarf is going to serve them every day in winter. But we have LA girls who are breaking these out in 60 degree weather for the silhouette. you can't get this silhouette with a dinky scarf. 

Waxed Tactical Stud Belt: this has been a best seller this season. A girl needs her studs. Even if they're just sitting coiled in the closet. It's important to have your studs.

Black Watch: this is technically a mens watch and purely black and sleek. I've worn this watch for several years and it continues to please. Which is why I think I may purchase a back-up because when it's gone it will be hard to find another like it. 

Lastly of course you can always get the one size fits all gift card, no problemo. 

Happy Holidays! 

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8 December 2014

Love Town     


She ran in.
Wet corn.
Yellow braid.
Down her back.



ann carson is a poet, photo is from new york times 


4 December 2014

James Robert Moore

fractal geometry